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Strasbourg: The seat

Strasbourg: the Seat of the European Parliament

In 2015, the Strasbourg THE Seat campaign benefited from significant media focus thanks to a high turnout among journalists at the 21st October press conference, where the motto was “Brussels rhymes with technocracy, Strasbourg rhymes with democracy”.

In 2016, the Strasbourg THE Seat campaign is gaining a new momentum with the conclusions of a Working Group composed of Members of the European Parliament and academics.

The Working Group’s conclusions were translated into concrete proposals for revitalising the European Parliament and re-inventing a broken-down European Union. The conclusions will be presented and debated at a public seminar to be held in Strasbourg. Initially planned for 23rd November 2016, we have had to postpone the seminar to early 2017 to allow MEPs to attend additional meetings regarding the election of political group chairs. We will of course keep you informed once a new date is set for the seminar.

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Strasbourg: The seat

By acquiring the Wiertz Museum in Brussels, does the European Parliament have an ulterior motive of obtaining alternative premises at the expense of Strasbourg? Download the PDF

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The debate over the EP seat is intimately linked to the future of the European Union

21 october 2015, Résidence Palace - Bruxelles

Locating both the executive and legislative powers of the EU in Brussels will only strengthen
technocracy, undermining the political and democratic ambition that the European Union requires.

Catherine Trautmann

Speaker : Catherine Trautmann

President of the Strasbourg − The Seat Task Force,
Vice-President of Strasbourg Eurometropole

former minister and former MEP